Motivation Through Meditation


Meditation takes us to the deepest cores of our beings. Once in the meditative state, we are hit by a life changing experience, a light, a vision, an inspiration! The world seems different, the Love feels different, you feel different. All who meditate may not be able to achieve that supreme ‘spiritual’ experience, but the journey in itself is so beautiful and fulfilling.  

we begin with a word seemingly not of a lasting value: motivation. We find it everywhere, in competitions, in schools, at work! We run, we keep on moving, and we do not find any rest. One desire fulfilled, we move on the other. The chain never ends. But, halt! You start meditating! The ocean seems to be still, breeze stops blowing, and fragrance fills your lungs! It’s magical, to say the least. And, we find our inspiration, which keeps us going for ever.

Benefits of Motivation through Meditation:

* It’s another name for inspiration.

* The effects usually last for a lifetime; constant practice is required.

* Like all other basic necessities, not all can afford it. It needs time, and only few of us have it. In this way, it becomes a luxury.

* Research shows that it heightens the activity in the right hemisphere of the brain, the computing power of which is a thousands, if not millions, of times more than that of the left hemisphere, which we normally use in our day to day, calculative life.

* With the right brain dominating, calmness and self composture, along with heightened self worth and depleted ego, you get into a state of serenity never felt before.